Founders are responding to our request to fill out our survey, and we had a flood of responses Friday from the burgeoning startup community in Cape Breton. 

We've been getting responses from across the region, but we were surprised by the activity in Cape Breton late last week. Many thanks to all the respondents, please keep them coming. 

What's really great about the surveys we've collected from Cape Breton is they will allow us to examine trends on the island. In our Atlantic Canada Startup Data report last year, we outlined the increased funding by Cape Breton startups. We'll be interested to see if that has continued, and whether the funding has led to more job creation. We need the most accurate data possible for the entire region and we want as many companies weighing in as we can get.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey so our next report will be the best yet.

For each survey completed by an innovation-driven startup based in the region by Feb.19, we’ll donate $10 to the Canadian Mental Health Association, capping the donation at $2,000.