There’s a strong network of organizations that help entrepreneurs who are at or near the idea stage of their venture. The right group for you may depend on where you live, your circumstances, and the type of business you’re building. Staff at these organizations are well versed in the ecosystem and can usually steer you in the direction of the organizations you need.

The federal government offers online assistance in finding programs through its Innovation Canada website. You can search for a program that suits you here. Also, The Halifax Partnership's Innovation District website has a search function for programs and facilities in Halifax and across Atlantic Canada. Check out the Resource Hub on its website. 

Most – if not all -- of the organizations listed in this Ecosystem Roadmap can give you practical advice on your idea. They may help you themselves, or they may connect you with people who can help you. If you’re a student, faculty or researcher at a post-secondary institution, seek out the entrepreneurship group at your school. If you’re outside the educational system, try your local startup hub. Or, if your idea fits into a sector such as oceantech or life sciences, reach out to a specific organization in your space.

One final word about launching your concept: all support groups will encourage you to contact potential customers to get meaningful feedback on your idea. The more knowledge you have about whether customers would pay for your idea, the better the response will be from startup organizations.