Startup Industry by the numbers

Reviewed during the Entrevestor 2017 Startup Industry by the numbers event at the Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre, this catalogue of data and the subsequent analysis by the Entrevestor team provides key insight into the growth and development of the sector.

Highlighted by this data are three key themes that emerged from this year’s metrics: The Exit Economy; Acceleration in Company Formation; a Record Year for Equity Funding. These themes were explored in depth by Peter Moreira, Principal at Entrevestor, as well as a panel of industry luminaries including Jesse Rodgers, CEO of Volta Labs, Malcolm Fraser, CEO of Innovacorp, and Shaun MacDonald, VP of Extreme Venture Partners.

Quite unlike data available elsewhere, the findings of this 2016 survey of startups draws out several key indicators of the health of the industry, and is available for purchase through Entrevestor. For inquiries, contact Peter Moreira.


Download the Entrevestor slide highlights from this presentation:

Download the Entrevestor slide highlights from this presentation