Here is a selection of notable quotes from the Invest Atlantic conference yesterday. Apologies to those in the afternoon sessions, which I had to miss.

“I have a deeply held belief that you should live where you choose and build your life and your business there. If you’re excited about living in Halifax, you will have a more fulfilling life there, and your business will probably be more successful.”

Brad Feld, author, Startup Communities


“It’s not about the exit for me. It’s about: we need to change the culture in Atlantic Canada.”

Trevor MacAusland, Executive Director, PropelICT


“I think the key to attracting talent is to set the bar high. If you let too many weak people into your company, then the strong ones won’t want to join.”

Jody Glidden, Founder and CEO, Introhive


“Cogsdale was a selling machine. . . . Marketing was a banned word at Cogsdale. Sales means you’re getting up in the morning and you go ask people for money. Marketing means you have a meeting at 10 on Tuesday and you ponder what you’re going to do.”

Duncan Shaw, President, Mullache Corp and former CEO of Cogsdale


“For those of you who are entrepreneurs, don’t get comfortable. Being uncomfortable means you’re still looking to grow.”

Satyamoorthy Kabilan, Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight, Conference Board of Canada


“Build a company to last; don’t build it just to flip. Great companies get bought, not sold.”

Stephen Nicolle, CEO, STI Technologies Limited


“Look for both a VC and a strategic investor to fund your company. This is a great way to build a business.  … These are the folks who are growing the fastest now.”

Mike Earle, CEO, AIO-TV


“I hate the word ‘Innovation’ and I hate the word `commercialization’.  They’re dirty words that politicians use and don’t know what they mean. To tell the truth, I don’t know what they mean either.”

Trevor MacAusland, Executive Director, PropelICT


“The mistake you make in Halifax is being insular. If someone comes to Halifax and they’re doing something insular, make it easy for them to engage. … Everyone should write down the word ‘inclusive’ and put it on your mirror or your computer.”

Brad Feld, author, Startup Communities