Innovacorp on Thursday revealed the shortlist for its Spark competition, which will award a total of $800,000 in non-dilutive capital to startups across the province.

The innovation agency said in August its Spark competition would provide grants of $10,000 to $50,000 to each winner. The competition breaks the province into four zones, and will award $200,00 in each area.

There were 136 submissions, and the following companies will move on in the competition:


Campaign EA – Todd Graham – Sydney

Election campaign management software provided through mobile and desktop applications – Todd Chant, Kevin Chant – Sydney

Golf tournament management platform

GoGo Groceries – Jay McNeil – Glace Bay

Personalized grocery shopping and delivery service

Hydrotroniks – Scott Aucoin, Stephane Sogne, Joel Lefort – Cheticamp

Carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuel boat engines through electric energy storage and propulsion options

Ingenuity Products Solutions – Hisham Sleem – Sydney

Natural haircare products that use ingredients extracted from potatoes to reduce pollution and toxic risks

Mirovia Ocean Technologies – Craig Phillips, Kent Simpson – Louisdale

Technology to predict road and marine traffic to reduce congestion, greenhouse gases and accidents

Navita Digital – Scott Samson, Louisbourg Seafoods, VMP Group – North Sydney

Applications that make it easier to visualize, share, interpret and use ocean data

Phased In – Eric Lortie, Alban Gray, Dan Hooper, Allyson White – Sydney

Augmented reality technology powering a mobile gaming experience

Talem Health Analytics – Paul Travis, Matthew Kay – Sydney

Software for physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists to track, analyze and predict treatment regimens

Tapnbe – Ron Campbell – Dominion 

Technology that lets companies easily engage with customers on their smartphones

TrAIner – Shea Munro – Sydney

App that monitors workout techniques and suggests adjustments to avoid injury


Aurea – Cat Adalay – Halifax

Urban wind energy system for highrises that generates electricity from wind tunnels

Axem – Tony Ingram, Christopher Friesen – Halifax

Wearable technology with built-in sensors to track brain activity and improve athletes’ mental training

Graphite Innovation and Technology – Mohamed Algermozi, Marciel Gaier – Halifax

Graphene-related products customized for specific applications and technologies, such as underwater vessels

Home Except – John Robertson – Halifax 

Technology that provides non-intrusive monitoring of seniors for families and caregivers

IOBIO – Guy Earle, S. Aiken – Halifax 

Multi-purpose clinical data collection platform for researchers and clinicians

NovaResp – Hamed Hanafi – Halifax

Breathing support devices enabling patients with sleep apnea to breathe more easily and comfortably

Play the Field – Kara Holm, Helen MacMillan – Halifax

Mobile game featuring augmented reality to simulate entertaining consumer experiences to attract new clients

SaySo Communication – Pam Streeter, Elizabeth Allard – Halifax

Children’s digital media products that increase collaboration, critical thinking and social communication

Trip Ninja – Andres Collart, Brett Ziegler – Halifax

Navigation tool for flexible, multi-destination travelers to find the most cost-effective route

UpFront – Conor Daly, Kyle Gardiner – Halifax

Ticketing and event management platform that uses blockchain technology to eliminate scalping and fraud


BidSquid Online Marketplace – David Hachey – Scotsburn

Online marketplace for local food where farmers can reach new buyers

BioPolyOil – Mostafa Aghaei, Alma Zangeneh, Arian Shahnazari – Bible Hill

Agri-based technology for applications in the oil and gas industry

Chuck Creations – Glen Simon – Antigonish

Silicone skin and body parts for medical prosthetics and tattoo artist practice

Fintech Innovations – Aaron Stevenson – Debert

Smart devices and an on-board data management system that alert vessel crews of external dangers

iCrowdX – Sean Sears – Antigonish

Natural, fruit-based drinks with health benefits

Oceland Biologicals – Balakrishnan Prithiviraj – Bible Hill

Plant biostimulants that improve the growth, yield and resilience of crops to increase farmers’ incomes


Alias Earth – Jim Dorey – Morden

Database of virtual sets for the entertainment industry

DevScript – David Pratt – South Greenwood

App that provides secure communication, file sharing and synchronization to enable team collaboration

Electric Puppets – Ryan Cameron – Chester

Virtual reality-based solution for the IWK Eye Care Clinic to improve diagnostic and therapeutic tools

Finleaf Technologies – Myrna Gillis – Brooklyn

Aquaponics system that enables the delivery of supplemental nutrients to flowering plants

Fundy Language Analytics – Marion Meudt, John Read – Wolfville

Software that lets English language learners practice pronunciation and fluency

Hydra – Nic Strum, Bruce Strum – Mahone Bay

Groundwater monitoring system using hydrogeological theory to enable safe access to water

Lobster Made Easy – Mark Lowe – Mahone Bay 

Trap monitoring system that lets fishers on land receive data on what is in their traps

Nexus Robotics – Teric Greenan, Jad Tawil, Thomas Trappenberg – Bass Corner

Autonomous farming robot that navigates its environment and performs agricultural tasks

nGageIT Digital Health Solutions – Jennifer Murdoch – Annapolis Royal

App to track and improve medication adherence in real-time

Phycus Biotechnologies – Vik Pandit – Wolfville

Technology that allows CO2 emissions to be converted into everyday products such as plastics

SURU – Michael Uhlarik – Hubbards 

Zero-emission, electric-powered bicycles that let users travel 50 km without fuel or pedaling


Disclosure: Innovacorp is a client of Entrevestor.