As many of our readers know, I have a side hustle writing crime novels. A few of you have asked how or where to order the new editions of my books THE HAIGHT or A HITMAN ON HAIGHT STREET, which come out in paperback and digital formats on Nov. 10.

I’m arranging to hand deliver signed paperback copies to friends in Nova Scotia. If you’d like either or both, let me know the title and number, and I will order them through Bookmark, Halifax’s leading independent book store. I’ll sign the copies and arrange to get them to you -- possibly before the launch date.

For people in northern NS or Cape Breton, I will need to receive your order by Thursday, Oct 22, to get your copies to you.

The two books are:


As SFPD Detective Jimmy Spracklin tracks a killer in Haight-Ashbury in 1968, his greatest worry is the fate of his teenage daughter, who ran away to the hippie enclave.


As Spracklin hunts a serial killer at a 1968 music festival in Haight-Ashbury, he has to protect his daughter Marie from both the killer and the police.

I checked with Bookmark and the cost of the book is $25+HST for a total of $26.25. You can pay me when I deliver the book by cash, check or email. I’m afraid I just don’t have enough spare time to do postal orders.

If you’re interested in a digital format on Kindle, you can pre-order it here (where you can also find reader reviews). If you're interested, just email me at and I'll make sure you get a signed copy. 

Thanks to all. Peter.