ESentire, a cyber-security solution company based in Cambridge, Ont., will open a new Security Operations Centre in Cork, Ireland, to serve as its new European headquarters.

eSentire identifies cyber-threats early on by evaluating all activity on a network, rather than just suspicious-looking ones. The company already has offices in Cambridge, Toronto, San Francisco, New York and London, U.K.

In the past few years, eSentire saw a dramatic rise in its activity in Europe. After considering other cities in the continent, it decided on Cork, due to its large pool of tech talent.

The Irish Development Agency escorted the eSentire staff around Cork and introduced them to the community, including people at technology companies and the two major technical colleges, the Cork Institute of Technology and University College Cork.

“The reaction that we’ve had from the community—here [in Canada], and especially in Cork—has been absolutely awesome,” Eric Ritter, eSentire Vice President Security Operations and Customer Experience said. “We’ve definitely seen an influx of people applying for positions that we posted recently for there, and we’re really looking forward to getting up and running and providing excellent service from our Irish office.”

With a recent press release from eSentire, Irish businesses already started enquiring about the company’s services.

Though there are other cyber-threat companies, eSentire is unique because of it uses human analyst—rather than just relying on algorithms—to detect cyber threats.

ESentire’s Active Threat Protection (ATP) is an award-winning service that monitors and solves cyber threats in real time. The company’s U.K. office was built to focus on ATP for mid-sized businesses.

“We’re going to continue to provide the best-in-class threat protection and threat management solutions that we have,” Ritter said, “and we’re going to always be looking for new ways to manage that threat.”

Ritter said that eSentire hopes to do a rotation program between the Canadian and Irish Security Operation Centres to ensure that both places are using the same best practices. Also, this rotation program will create a strong relationship between the two headquarters.

eSentire’s business has doubled in the past few years, with its staff going from 50 to 150 people within the past year. The company  will likely expand further in the next few years. However, Ritter said the company isn’t sure where they will locate their next office.

Last September, the company raised $14 million in venture capital funding from Georgian Partners, Cisco Investments, Northleaf Venture Catalyst Fund, Edison Partners and Venturelink.

“From an expansion stand-point,” he added, “we’ll evaluate where we need additional resources on a constant basis.”


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