A digital event focusing on creating impactful partnerships between corporations and non-profit organizations is being offered by Venture 2 Impact, a Halifax-based group that facilitates skill-based volunteering for global tech companies.

The event is being run with Google, Salesforce, Workday and Aryaka, among other partners.  The interactive event will allow organizations virtual facetime with partners through small group discussions in breakout rooms. 

“This is an opportunity for NGOs and CSR professionals to meet, talk to, and learn from folks at Google, Workday, Salesforce and other companies," said Fadi Al Qassar, Venture 2 Impact’s Co-founder and Executive Director. "This event is basically the equivalent of a ticket to Silicon Valley for any organization curious about cross-sectoral partnerships and how to create them

He said the partners wanted to run the event to help NGOs secure partnerships and  help CSR professionals get inspiration on supporting social organizations.

Jordan-born Al Qassar is known in Halifax for his earlier work as managing director of Uganda Venture, a group set up to assist Ugandan entrepreneurs.

The event will be held online on Oct. 28 between 2:00 and 4:00 PM ADT and is free of charge.

You can register here.