Modest Tree, the Halifax startup whose software-as-a-service product reduces the cost and time involved in making three-dimensional training programs by as much as 85 percent, has put out the following press release:

Modest Tree and announce partnership to streamline access to 3D models and creation of 3D interactive scenarios

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, July 21 2014 – Modest Tree Media Inc. ("Modest Tree"), an innovator in 3D authoring software, and CGTrader, a leading 3D model marketplace are pleased to announce that they have formed a partnership to streamline coordination between access to CGTrader’s marketplace of 3D models and Modest Tree’s 3D authoring software.

Customers of Modest Tree’s 3D authoring platform, Modest3D, will be referred to CGTrader’s marketplace, as the preferred off the shelf model provider, which houses a library of over 65,000 models. Modest3D is currently in beta and will be commercially released in the fall of 2014. CGTrader’s 3D modelling customers will be able to bring their 3D models to life by creating 3D interactive scenarios in Modest3D.

Modest Tree’s Modest3D uses a drag-and-drop framework to apply behaviours, animations and interactions to 3D models to create an interactive scenario.  “Partnering with CGTrader is a natural fit as it provides our clients with access to an impressive library of models that fit well in Modest3D’s asset pipeline, as well as access to curated designers for custom projects. ”, said Sam Sannandeji, CEO of Modest Tree.

For CGTrader customers the partnership provides 3D authoring software to rapidly create 3D interactive scenarios using the CGTrader models. “Modest Tree empowers anyone to create animations and interactive scenarios without any programming experience, and with CGTrader no 3D modeling skills are required as well. We are very excited to make the creation process seamless for both our and Modest Tree customers by working together.” said Marius Kalytis, CEO of CGTrader.

CGTrader and Modest Tree are both part of the growing movement to demonstrate and view the world in 3D.

About Modest Tree Media Inc.

Modest Tree is an innovator in 3D authoring software and training solution services. Modest Tree was founded to bring the power of authoring 3D visualizations to all, by simplifying the development process of creating 3D interactive scenarios. Modest Tree is the creator of 3D authoring software, Modest3D. Modest3D empowers users to bring their 3D models to life by applying animations, behaviours and interactions to 3D models to rapidly create 3D interactive scenarios. Modest Tree also provides services for developing 3D interactive solutions.

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