Unique’s US Rollout Gathers Steam

 Tanya Shaw had to look it up when I asked how many scanning outlets Unique Solutions has now opened in malls in the U.S.

“Sorry,” she said over the phone Friday as she waited for the window to open. “The numbers are changing daily.”

Seconds later she delivered the update: the company has installed 22 mybestfit scanning booths in the U.S., of which 10 are fully operational and the remainder are installed and training staff.

“By the end of February we’re in 45 locations, and by the end of June we’ll be in 160,” said Shaw, the founder and CEO of the Dartmouth-based company. “That’s

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Adfinitum Raises At Least $750,000

Adfinitum, the St. John’s-based advertising data bank, closed a round of funding initially worth $750,000 late last month, and will use the money to expand its sales and development teams.

CEO Ed Clarke said in an interview today that the company, which has a database of 12.5 million advertisements from more than 50 countries, could increase  the size of the deal with a second close. The investors so far in this round include first-time investor GrowthWorks Atlantic, London-based angel Permjot Valia and several existing investors, including Clarke himself.

Clarke added that he will fly

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FAN Sinks $250,000-Plus into Zengo

In the group’s first investment ever in Prince Edward Island, members of the First Angel Network have committed to sink more than $250,000 into Zengo Inc., which has developed a seal to plug leaks in tanks carrying hazardous or contaminating materials.

With this financing, the pre-eminent group of private individual investors in the region will have invested in each of the Atlantic Canadian provinces.

Founded by former police officer Glenn Cox, Stratford, P.E.I.-based Zengo has designed and manufactured the RUPTUREseal, a patent-pending device that fits over a tear in an industrial tank

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Martell to Launch Clarity.fm in NB

Serial entrepreneur Dan Martell next week will announce a new startup that will operate out of his hometown of Moncton.

Martell will launch Clarity.fm at a ceremony in Moncton late next week and reveal the details of the new company at that time.

We’ve been sworn to secrecy but can say that Clarity.fm will address the problem of linking advisers with entrepreneurs who need their advice. People in the startup business often have trouble finding experts who can provide the specific advice they need, and this new venture will help to address that pain point.

Martell has some

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Happy Holidays to our Readers

As youmay have noticed, we're now winding down for the holiday season and are officially in Yuletide loaf mode. We've posted our final joint column with Progress Magazine for 2011, and are now putting our feet up. It's been a great three months since we launched Entrevestor.com, and we're really looking forward to enhancing our offerings in 2012.

We will have one more story for you this year -- a tantalizing nugget on Dec. 28. And that will be it unti lwe resume the service on Jan. 4.

We really appreciate -- a total understatement -- the way the innovation community has responded to

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10 Things to Watch in 2012

I’m neither wise nor stupid enough to make predictions for 2012, but there are a few things I plan to keep an eye on. I’ve come up with a Top 10 list, even though there are many more irons in the Atlantic Canadian fire.
These are the stories I believe will dominate in entrepreneurship and investment:
1.              That mountain of money in New Brunswick. The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation banked $9.2 million from the sale of Radian6, while New Brunswick Investment Management Corp. was an investor in Q1 Labs. The exits of those two companies, which together were rumored
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Omers Ventures Connects in Region

Omers Ventures, the new venture fund set up by the Ontario municipal employees’ pension fund, has begun to reach out to entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada, looking for small companies that want to get big – really big.

The Toronto VC fund received $200 million in capital this year and will gain additional funds in the future as it builds up its capital to become a major player in Canadian VC. It has begun to develop a network of contacts across the country and has designated one investment officer, Damien Steel, to cover the eastern provinces.

Having joined Omers in September, Steel is

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Cybersocial, 3rd Wed. to Meet

 The Maritime tech community will celebrate the holiday season with the regular get-togethers Cybersocial in Moncton and Third Wednesday in Halifax.

In Moncton, the lead-in for the Cybersocial on Wednesday Dec. 14 is a mini-workshop titled  “Intro to Agile Development” at The Moncton Club, 115 Queen Street, from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.

This will be followed by the Cybersocial from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The headline company this month is HealthConnect, a Moncton-based provider of outsource services to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Third Wednesday gathering on Wednesday Dec. 21 will feature tech

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Forces Generating VC Excitement

There’s a buzz about venture capital now that’s growing ever louder. The buzz is growing to impressive volumes nationally, but here in Atlantic Canada it’s reaching unprecedented decibel levels.

The numbers are starting to show the reason for optimism. As I wrote last month, 2011 should prove to be a record year for VC investment in the region, especially in Nova Scotia. But statistics can prove a one-time aberration, and the chatter among investors right now goes beyond big investments in or exits by a handful of companies.

What’s happening on a national level is fascinating because

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Kudos for GoInstant, SimplyCast

The trophy case for Atlantic Canadian startups gained a positively cluttered look yesterday as GoInstant of Halifax and SimplyCast of Dartmouth both brought home some silverware.

GoInstant, which launched in September with $1.7 million in venture capital investment, was voted the most impressive company at 48 Hours in the Valley, a program that brings Canadian entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley for two days of instruction. Late in the second day, all participants were asked to vote on the best presentation via texts or twitter, and GoInstant won.

C100 – the group of Canadian expats in

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