Interview Rocket, a Halifax startup that offers interview technology for recruiters and job-seekers, has launched a new free feature for its website to help people seeking jobs arrange interviews with prospective employers.

The company issued a press release today saying it has launched InterviewMe!, which allows the job seeker to ask recruiters for an interview rather than waiting for the company to call.

The company headed by CEO Craig Brown launched in February when its signature website, went live. Brown had done his homework before that, interviewing more than 50 recruiters and industry professionals in seven countries, to find out what they wanted in an SaaS recruitment aid.

The message he received was that they wanted ease-of-use, and the message I’ve heard from tech experts and potential investors is that Interview Rocket stands out in a crowded recruitment SaaS field because it is so user-friendly. Brown is now raising money to finance the company, though he declined to discuss the funding target or his progress.

The new feature, InterviewMe!, uses a combination of social media and recordable video technology to help candidates get noticed by recruiters regardless of where the two parties are in the world.

“InterviewMe! allows job seekers to take the initiative by directly requesting an interview from recruiters, rather than waiting to be asked,” said Brown in a statement. “The interviews are schedule and location-independent, making the process as convenient as possible for both the recruiter and the job seeker.”