With the launch of its new Extrify product, Halifax website-design firm Headspace is taking another step closer to being predominantly a software company.

On Monday, the company headed by Kyle Racki and Kevin Springer launched extrify.com, an extranet collaboration product that allows staff of medium-sized to large companies to simply and affordably work together and share documents online.

That follows the soft launch late last year of PerfectPitch, an online instrument that helps graphic artists perfect their pitches to clients. Meanwhile, the eight people working at Headspace have been working on a social media monitoring product called Social Gopher. In an interview, Racki said the company is still a website design firm but realizes there could be greater opportunities in producing products.

“What I want Headspace to be is solely a software product producer with a strong focus on user experience,” said Racki. “If we get the sales to move a bit further on … I could see us even phasing out the service side.”

He did not place any timeframe on the transformation of the business, and emphasized that producing a product is a lot more work than anyone might imagine.

Headspace, for example, had a working beta model of PerfectPitch last autumn, which it showcased at the MentorCamp and DemoCamp events in Halifax. The firm soft-launched PerfectPitch, sending it out to select clients to positive feedback. However, Headspace realized it had to add more features before proceeding with the project. The company received a repayable loan of as much as $75,000 from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency to develop PerfectPitch further.

“We still think Perfect Pitch will be a great product and we are still working on it,” said Racki.

Right now, Extrify is the company’s main focus. Headspace developed the product for a client earlier this year, then saw the commercial potential of it and spun it into an enterprise product.

Extrify lets companies  create messages and threads of comment and share documents across the whole company or within specific departments. The price begins at $499 for a company of 50 to 100 employees.

As for funding product development, he said Headspace for now will finance itself by being a service provider and will determine in the future whether to seek money from investors.