Rivers Corbett

Rivers Corbett

Years ago, Rivers Corbett made a major mistake as the owner of popular restaurant chain Relish Gourmet Burger that led to the demise of the company. In an effort to grow it, he jumped into a partnership with an investor that wasn’t a good fit.

“We should have done more due diligence instead of just getting excited about the money,” he reminisced. “A lot of emotions went with that as we tried to battle our way out of it, but ultimately we lost the battle.”

He’s learned from the mistake and moved on to bigger, and better things, now helping entrepreneurs to succeed, he said. But the former Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the province of New Brunswick wants more business people to share their experience with failures and mistakes, as well as the lessons and emotions that come with them.

Corbett is starting the Moncton chapter of Fuck Up Nights, a global movement started in Mexico City that aims to provide a space for entrepreneurs to share stories about their errors. It’s now in 318 cities around the world, including eight in Canada. . . . 

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