We’d like to thank all the founders who have taken two minutes to complete our survey, and make another request to others to please fill it in – today, if possible.

Well over 100 founders have completed the 15-question survey, but we need more responses. So we’re asking the scores of founders who have been meaning to fill it in to please do so ASAP. Each year, we hear from CEOs who say they’ve been meaning to get around to filling in the survey. But some never do. We know everyone’s busy, but it would help hugely if you move it up the priorities list.

Just click here to link to the survey. It’s 100 percent confidential, and you can skip questions you don’t want to answer.

Not convinced yet? Here are three reasons why you should take two minutes to do it.

  1. It allows Entrevestor to provide free news –  Entrevestor makes more money from data analysis than news. So when you complete the survey, you help to sustain our operations, which means we can continue to report on Atlantic Canadian startups.  
  2. You’ll be able to read our study – This year, our complete study will be available to the public. So you and every other founder can read our entire analysis, and there will be a page of infographics on our site. The best way for founders to make sure we have the best information possible is to complete the survey.
  3. It helps in the development of programs that help startups – We’ll tell you who does read our report – decision-makers in Atlantic Canada. Some read it several times, jotting down notations in the margins. Atlantic Canada has some really good programs for entrepreneurship, and they’re always evolving. The quality of data provided by our study will have a direct bearing on the quality of programs for startups.

We’re closing in on our target for survey responses for this year, but we still need more. We really appreciate all those who have completed the survey and would appreciate it if some more founders could join them.