PocketPass, which plans to use blockchain technology to stop scalpers from jacking up ticket prices, won the $3000 first prize at Dalhousie University’s Collide pitching competition Thursday night.

Founded by Conor Daly and Kyle Gardiner, PocketPass is using blockchain, the technology that underpins the cryptocurrency bitcoin, to make sure scalpers don’t raise the price of tickets above a certain level. Using blockchain, they can apply smart contracts to the issue of tickets, which can provide a permanent record of who bought the tickets and how much they paid.

The company was one of five teams competing on Thursday night for a total prize pot of $6000. The six teams have just completed the Collide program, which teaches lean methodology to entrepreneurs getting a company off the ground.

The second prize was awarded to Tranquility Online, which is setting up an online platform to help coaches treat people throughCognitive Behavioral Therapy. Founder Joel Muise aims to provide timely, affordable treatment for people plagued by anxiety attacks.

The third prize went to Velox, founded by 13-year-old Connor Kirby. He is proposing to replace the mouse on a personal computer with a device that tracks the users hands and eyes to move the cursor. Velox plans to do sell the device to people suffering from or worried about carpal tunnel syndrome.

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