Modest Tree Secures Certification

Virtual reality company Modest Tree, which creates software for training simulations, has received an automotive industry security certification that qualifies it to handle sensitive corporate secrets.

Based in Halifax, Modest Tree’s software allows companies to create custom VR scenarios to allow their employees to practice performing complex tasks. The level 2 Trusted Information Security

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HYKE Probes Consumers’ Subconscious

Traditional customer analytics techniques are due for an update, according to HYKE Technologies CEO Sid Eskand, whose company promises to tap into consumers’ subconscious minds.

St. John’s-based HYKE has developed an app that offers users ever-changing discounts at retailers, restaurants and service providers as a way to study their preferences and biases.

The company is the brainchild of

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AtlanTick Launches Beads to Repel Ticks

Tick deterrent maker AtlanTick has expanded its product offering to include a set of wearable lava bead accessories that absorb tick spray and release it over the course of several days.

The latest expansion comes on the heels of three years of triple-digit sales growth for the Nova Scotia company, which recently moved its manufacturing operations to a new facility in the town of Blockhouse.

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Ethical Swag Certified a B Corp

Sydney-based Ethical Swag, which distributes sustainable promotional products, has become the first company in Cape Breton to become a Certified B Corporation.

The company has joined the global B Corp community, which means it has passed rigorous examination to show that its business is sustainable and that it adheres to ethical business practices.  Companies that are B Corp certified are

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OSC Backs $29M Ocean Aware Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster has announced a $29 million initiative that uses artificial intelligence to track the movement and health of fish stocks and predict their behaviour.

The Canadian government will contribute $13.74 million to the Ocean Aware initiative via the Atlantic Canada-based supercluster, and the rest will come from private industry.

The Ocean Supercluster is one of five

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