Jobs: CloudKettle, Protocase, 45Drives

Our Jobs of the Week column today features several opportunities at such companies as CloudKettle in Halifax and Protocase and its 45 Drives unit in Sydney.

Halifax-based CloudKettle is a consulting company that helps business-to-business SaaS companies – almost all of them in major centres like San Francisco and Toronto -- increase their revenue. It is looking to hire a Vice-President of

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Catalfamo Joins Mariner Board

Saint John-based Mariner Partners Inc. has expanded its board by adding venture capital veteran Joe Catalfamo, who once won a CVCA Deal of the Year award for backing Fredericton-based Radian6.

He will act as an independent director with founding partners and board members Bob Justason, Curtis Howe and Chairman Gerry Pond.

Catalfamo is best known as the managing partner for Summerhill Venture

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Granville Biomedical Gains Clients

St. John’s-based Granville Biomedical is improving women’s health by 3D printing vaginal simulation products that allow healthcare workers to learn about injuries caused by childbirth, disease and genital mutilation.

The company, which formed early last year, has already raised funds and gained clients, and has recently been accepted into Genesis, the innovation hub in St. John’s.


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SDTC Grants SomaDetect $3.9M

Fredericton-based SomaDetect, whose technology helps to detect disease in dairy cows, has been approved for a $3.9 million grant from Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

The two groups issued a statement on Wednesday saying the funding will help to pilot SomaDetect’s product with dairy farms and industry partners in Canada and the U.S. The company’s product is an automated, in-line sensor

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How Doug Jones Developed Ignite

As improbable as it sounds, Doug Jones has turned a love of sports into a licencing business, then into an innovation hub in Yarmouth and then into an entrepreneurship network for rural Nova Scotia.

Jones is the CEO of Ignite Labs, the innovation hub that he established in Yarmouth to foster entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia’s southwesterly town. Not only has it nurtured a range of companies that

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