GIT Lands $2.4M Transport Deal

Graphite Innovation and Technologies, or GIT, has inked a $2.4 million deal with Transport Canada to develop technology aimed at reducing underwater noise pollution and cutting ships’ greenhouse gas emissions.

Founded in 2017 by Mo AlGermozi and Marciel Gaier, Dartmouth-based GIT manufactures graphene coatings designed to prevent corrosion and improve the durability of ships hulls, dams and

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3D Planeta Launches 2Metre App

A team from Fredericton geomapping startup 3D Planeta has launched a Software-as-a-Service business to help stores and restaurants manage social distancing during COVID-19.

The 2metre app allows shoppers waiting in line to disperse and receive a text message when the store can accommodate them. It can also log personal information to comply with government contact-tracing requirements.

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Nxtgen Grows in US Care Homes

Dartmouth’s Nxtgen Care, which tracks the movements of staff and residents in assisted living facilities, is ramping up its U.S. expansion as it reshuffles its installation schedule to focus on unoccupied buildings.

The American rollout is part of Nxtgen’s deal with a major U.S. care home company to eventually install its technology in 50 facilities across five states.

Several of the homes,

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