PhotoDynamic Set for Clinical Trials

Halifax-based PhotoDynamic Inc. will put its plaque-killing oral health product through clinical trials in the next month, the outcome of which will shape its strategy for the next few years.

The company will test its product with 20 patients at the Forsyth Institute in Boston, one of the world’s most prestigious research facilities in the field of oral health. If it gets good results from these

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TruLeaf To Use Data, AI in Farming

With its indoor farm in Guelph, Ont., nearing completion, TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture is plotting its next phase of growth with more farms, a licensing model for its technology and a new round of funding.

Gregg Curwin, founder and CEO of the Halifax vertical farming company, also says the company is focused ever more on machine learning and data analytics to help it produce the most

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BDC Adds to Women in Tech Fund

BDC Capital announced Wednesday it will add $20 million to its Women in Technology investment program, which aims to support women heading tech companies. This investment builds on a previous commitment to invest $50 million, making the total $70 million to be invested over five years.

The federal Crown corporation will invest in early-stage Canadian tech companies led by women and will support

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