MyMem Plans To Roll Out App in 2018

Armed with $25,000 in initial funding, Halifax startup MyMem plans to spend 2018 rolling out its Software-as-a-Service product that helps people with dementia remember key aspects of their lives.

The company is developing a smart phone or tablet app that uses voice-enabled technology to help people with cognitive challenges remember their life stories, or even simple matters like their

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Five Startup Press Release Fails

One of the key tools that founders have to get their message out beyond their immediate circle is a press release. But it amazes me how often common mistakes make their way into these important documents. 

Press releases may seem like trifles, but they demonstrate an entrepreneur’s ability to communicate important messages about a company. If media releases are posted in sequence on your

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Jobs: Scientific Analyst at Appili

Appili Therapeutics is seeking a scientific analyst in our Jobs of the Week column today.

This contract position with the Halifax-based biotech company will work with drug development and business development and review its sources of information and identify promising new programs in infectious disease to report to the VP of Business Development.

The company is working on two drug candidates:

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PhotoDynamic Set for Clinical Trials

Halifax-based PhotoDynamic Inc. will put its plaque-killing oral health product through clinical trials in the next month, the outcome of which will shape its strategy for the next few years.

The company will test its product with 20 patients at the Forsyth Institute in Boston, one of the world’s most prestigious research facilities in the field of oral health. If it gets good results from these

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