Simms Gets Boost from OneStart

A Halifax-based team that’s developing a treatment for a rare childhood blindness is hoping an international accelerator will help them get their technology to the global market.

Members of a research team based at Dalhousie University, have made it into OneStart, a program which claims to be the world’s largest life sciences and healthcare startup accelerator.

From Feb. 19 to 20, Gordon Simms

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Looking for New East Coast Startups

We have a request for all new startups in Atlantic Canada: let us know you’re out there.

We’re now developing our list of startups and high-growth companies in Atlantic Canada – all those that were active as of Jan. 31, 2015. We have a list of about 300 companies that we’re familiar with. But the nature of the startup world is that companies are always being formed. So we want to know about new

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5 Startup Marketing Predictions for 2016

It seems I can’t escape a “Best of 2015” or “Trends for 2016” post, so I guess if I can’t beat them, I might as well join them… even if I am a little late to the party.

Here are five predications for startup growth and marketing in 2016.

1. We’ll see less reliance on paid channels.

Paid channels are a go-to acquisition method for many startups.  They fuel quick wins, can easily be adjusted,

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Clockwork Fox Eyes 2 Launches in ‘16

The story of Clockwork Fox is the story of a film company that wanted a digital product and ended up with an educational technology startup backed by a $1 million equity investment.

St. John’s-based Clockwork Fox made headlines in business circles last month when it closed a million-dollar round of funding, led by Killick Capital and Venture Newfoundland and Labrador.

It was the latest chapter

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