Rodgers To Head CDL-Atlantic

Jesse Rodgers, the head of Volta Labs, has been named the regional leader of the Creative Destruction Lab Atlantic, the new Halifax-based accelerator that was officially announced Thursday.

CDL, which began at University of Toronto in 2012, is possibly Canada’s most demanding tech accelerator. It opened a Vancouver pod last year, and on Thursday it announced three other locations for its 2017-18

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DGI Executes Two-Pronged Strategy

Halifax-based DGI Clinical takes a two-pronged approach to boosting healthcare: the group gives patients a voice and allows pharmaceutical companies to better understand their clinical trial data. 

DGI Clinical has developed systems that allow patients to state and communicate their healthcare priorities. 

Established in 2001 by Dalhousie University-based Alzheimer’s expert Kenneth Rockwood,

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EduCode’s Pilot in Coding Education

The French school system in New Brunswick is launching a pilot project that will teach computer coding to junior high school students, even when their teachers have no experience in computer science.

The initiative will use a new product from Moncton-based EduCode Canada Inc., which has developed a computer science educational platform that helps teachers with no background in coding. The pilot

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Lunney Nears Pilot in Fredericton

There’s nothing like finding a possible early adopter to stoke the entrepreneurial fires, and right now Melissa Lunney seems stoked.

Lunney is the Founder and CEO of AppDigenous Development Inc., a young company whose technology opens doors automatically for people with disabilities. The one-year-old company has been working with the Aboriginal Business Accelerator Program offered by the Joint

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Seaformatics’ Surprising Retail Play

A funny thing happened when Seaformatics prepared to launch a power product for oceans research: it came up with a retail product that has already been pre-ordered by more than 300 outdoors enthusiasts.

The St. John’s company is now preparing to launch Waterlily, a micro-turbine that can use wind or water power to recharge any device with a USB port. The idea is that outdoor folks, backwoods

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