Bringing VR to the Eye Doctor

Virtual reality and augmented experiences have revolutionized entertainment and gaming industries but Halifax entrepreneur Ryan Cameron is figuring out how to bring this technology into a clinical setting.

His company Electric Puppets uses VR and eye-tracking technology to improve on the basic tests we take at the eye doctor.

“The idea is to replace the ‘gold standard’”, said Cameron in an

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Easy Golf Aligns with Association

When Todd Chant was developing his software for golf tournaments, he was worried about the narrow path to market. But he’s come up with a strategy that broadened his path to the width of the friendliest fairway.

Chant is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sydney-based Easy Golf Tour, whose software helps golf courses administer the tournaments they hold several times each season. The strength of the

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Inboundli’s New Home in Halifax

Gene Sobolev, the CEO of Innovacorp’s newest resident company Inboundli, was torn between three Canadian cities when deciding where to relocate from Berlin, Germany. The Start-Up Visa program put Halifax on top, and Sobolev moved his content curation platform to the East Coast.

Inboundli specializes in inbound marketing and social engagement, generating content for its clients via data and

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