We Need A Federal Investment Credit

New Brunswick’s venerable tech investor Gerry Pond often bemoans the fact that he can receive a tax incentive to invest in Arkansas but not in Nova Scotia.

The investment group that Pond chairs, East Valley Ventures, has a portfolio of 26 active companies, and Pond could have claimed New Brunswick’s Small Business Investor Tax Credit only on the 17 that are based in New Brunswick. His

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McCarthy Spends a Month at Earthship

There has been talk recently about the need to create more startup hubs in Atlantic Canada. Halifax-based entrepreneur Megan McCarthy thinks Nova Scotia is well-placed to become a hub for sustainable technology and renewable energy.

McCarthy is CEO of powerWHYS, a company that provides an app that shows those who own or work on renovated buildings how to conserve energy on a particular property.

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Harbr Brings Big Data to Construction

A young Halifax company called Harbr is bringing the promise of Big Data to one of Canada’s biggest and fastest-growing industries—construction.

Harbr has developed a mobile app that allows big construction companies and their project managers to analyze data on the sub-contractors they’ve hired for specific projects. That helps big companies to improve efficiency in the short term, and to

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Sales Growth Up as Startups Expand

Something unexpected is happening in Atlantic Canada’s technology and innovation community: as these companies become larger, they are in total growing more quickly than when they were literally a bunch of startups.

What we’re seeing among high-growth innovation companies in the region is the development of a core of larger companies that are actually accelerating their growth. We’ll still call

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