The Samqwane’jk Ocean Partnership Initiative, a joint project between Ulnooweg Development Group and Dartmouth’s Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship, or COVE, has announced an undisclosed amount of funding for a trio of Indigenous-run ocean startups.

3D Wave Design, Miawpukek Horizon and Smak’nis Maritime Security were chosen to co-run research and development projects with COVE, with funding being rolled out over two years. The three companies will also receive training and business development support.

Ulnooweg said in a statement the purpose of the Samqwane’jk Initiative is to bolster the competitiveness of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies through collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The projects receiving funding are also in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which are a set of decision-making principles for industry and government aimed at fostering economic growth and environmental and human health.

Ulnooweg is an Indigenous organization that nurtures entrepreneurship and community building in Atlantic Canada, including access to capital and support services.

Mahone Bay, NS-based 3D Wave Design has developed software that uses LiDAR data — similar to RADAR, but with lasers — to help communities model changes to water tables, flood zones and fire zones related to climate change.

Miawpukek Horizon, headquartered in Conne River, NL, is developing recruitment and training software for the marine industry in a partnership with Nova Scotia Community College and the Marine Institute at Memorial University.

And Truro, NS’s Smak’nis, originally founded as a security company for the maritime industry, is working on a prototype of an inflatable electric boat.