Britain's leading global affairs magazine, The Economist, will host a bluetech conference in Halifax this October, showcasing the region's fast-growing oceans sector on the international stage.

For several months, readers of The Economist have been treated to ads for the World Ocean Tech and Innovation Summit, which is slated to include more than 50 speakers and will be held at the Halifax Convention Centre Oct. 4 and 5.

The London-based Economist has been publishing for nearly 180 years and boasts a combined print and digital circulation of about 1.6 million people. Nova Scotian innovation watchers say the ads alone have already been a boon to Halifax’s global profile.

“Halifax is a world leader in ocean science, technology, and business, and this is an excellent opportunity to showcase our deep and diverse blue economy, and for our researchers and companies to share their incredible expertise and innovations and foster international partnerships,” said Wendy Luther, CEO of economic development organization the Halifax Partnership in an interview.

The conference is being sponsored jointly by the Ocean Supercluster, the provincial government, the Halifax Partnership, and the Creative Destruction Lab. Its programming will highlight local oceantech innovation that organizers believe is globally scaleable.

On the event website, The Economost describes oceans as “the next economic frontier,” going on to describe investment and innovation as the two key forces driving the sector’s growth.

Attendees will include both business leaders and investors, as well as scientists working in the space.

Attendance is free, but involves an application process. The form is here.