Nineteen companies from the two Creative Destruction Labs programs in Atlantic Canada this week joined the annual CDL Super Session, the program’s annual international summit.

The Toronto event, which featured companies that graduated from the 10 CDL sites this year, was held Wednesday and Thursday, and featured 10 companies from the CDL Atlantic Prime stream and nine from CDL Oceans. The event was held virtually. As well as five Canadian sites, CDL also offers programs in Oxford, UK; Paris, Atlanta, Wisconsin, and Seattle.

CDL is a competitive program that positions high-growth companies before a panel of wealthy mentors, who are encouraged to invest in the better companies. Each cohort includes several sessions, at which the mentors champion the companies that have impressed them and the others are asked to leave.

The CDL Atlantic Prime stream features companies based in Atlantic Canada operating in several sectors, and Halifax-based NovaResp Technologies was the Super Session Featured Venture for this program. Toronto-based Wittaya Aqua International was the featured venture for the oceans stream, which operates out of Atlantic Canada and includes oceantech companies from around the world.

CDL is now accepting applications to its 2022-23 programs. You can apply here by July 29 for CDL Atlantic Prime and July 15 for CDL Oceans. You can find additional information by contacting @RebeccaLabbie on LinkedIn.

The following are the companies that attended the 2022 Super Session

CDL Atlantic Prime

Drinkable Water Solutions, Dartmouth

Matthew Mizzi, CEO, Robert Afari, Anita Taylor, Lee Scully 

Drinkable Water Solutions is a hardware company developing an affordable, effective, and effortless regulated drinking water testing device.

Electric Puppets, Chester, NS

Chris Auty, CEO, and Ryan Cameron

Electric Puppets is a medical device software company that has developed a virtual reality platform that enables clinical assessment and research in Ophthalmology in such areas as Amblyopia and Strabismus.

Frenter, Halifax

Zachary Laberge

Frenter is a B2B SaaS platform that helps equipment rental businesses manage their day-to-day administration so they can focus on growing their business.

Greenlight Analytical, Dartmouth

James Wylde, CEO, Simon Benwell, Nicole Wylde, Jim Trussler

Greenlight Analytical is a hardware and software company that has developed a disruptive tool to measure the quality, potency, and consistency of cannabis plants in real time, right in the greenhouse.

Melior Motus, Halifax

Steven Beed, Awdah Arraf

Melior Motus is a medical device company, leveraging decades of bedside experience to create products that enable healthcare professionals to safely move critically ill patients.

Myomar Molecular, Halifax

Rafaela Andrade

Myomar Molecular is a health diagnostics company developing the first, non-invasive molecular detection device and multiplex test for muscle loss.

NovaResp Technologies, Halifax

Hamed Hanafi

NovaResp Technologies is a medical technology company that is developing the world’s first AI-enabled predictive and preventative continuous positive airway pressure machine.

Picketa Systems, Fredericton

Xavier Hébert-Couturier, CEO, Maxime Dumont, Dominic Levesque, Zachary Andersen

Picketa Systems is an agriculture technology hardware/software company that is developing a digital scanning device and data management platform to provide instantaneous plant and soil nutrition analysis.

Prosaris Solutions, Hammonds Plains, NS

Colin Sewell

Prosaris Solutions is a hardware and software company that detects, quantifies, and helps manage the resolution of gas leaks for such industries as food and beverage, automotive and healthcare.

TurboPlay, Fredericton

Eric Hubacheck, Vince McMullin

TurboPlay is a software company in the gaming industry that is developing marketplace technologies. It is working with BigTech ecosystems to eliminate friction between disparate online worlds.

CDL Oceans

Algae-C, Toronto and Halifax

Mather Carscallen

Algae-C is a biotechnology company that reprograms microalgae, allowing them to produce high-value plant-molecules for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and beauty industries.

Ashored Innovations, Bedford, NS

 Aaron Stevenson, CEO, Ross Arsenault, Stephen Jones

Ashored Innovations is a sustainability focused fishing technology company that has developed a ‘rope on command’ hardware system and gear tracking management software for the fishing industry.

Blue Lion Labs, Waterloo

Jason Deglint, CEO and Katie Thomas

Blue Lion Labs is a software company that is developing a machine-learning platform with an AI engine that can be deployed to the cloud or a hardware edge device to identify harmful algal blooms.

EcoSPEARS, Florida

Sergie Albino, CEO and Ian Doromal

EcoSPEARS develops products and services to eliminate toxins, such as PCBs and other organic pollutants from ports and coastal environments. It uses non-thermal and non-combusting remediation technology developed by NASA.

Engage Creative Technologies, St. John’s

Aaron Dawe, President, and Shane Skinner

Engage is a software company that has developed augmented reality solutions that enhance existing marine navigational systems.

Planetary Technologies, Dartmouth

Mike Kelland, CEO, Greg Rau, Brock Battochio 

Planetary Technologies is a cleantech company developing a scalable, cost-effective negative emissions technology that permanently removes carbon from the air and stores it in the ocean.

Sunfish, Texas

Alberto Lopez, CEO, William Stone, Kristof Richmond 

Sunfish is a marine robotics hardware/software company that is developing a hovering autonomous underwater vehicle for exploration and inspection.

WaveAerospace, Connecticut

Mark Strauss, CEO, and Steven Bofill 

WaveAerospace is an aircraft manufacturer that has developed an industrial autonomous vertical take-off and landing aircraft that can safely operate in bad weather and extreme conditions.

Wittaya Aqua International, Toronto

Evan Hall, CEO, and Dominique Bureau 

Wittaya is a software and service company that helps aquaculture farms and feed ingredient companies use data to make better decisions.