National industry group the Ocean Startup Project has announced 12 alumni from its accelerator program that will receive follow-on funding.

Offered for the first time this year, the Ocean Challenge: Boost funding program offers additional funding for companies that have previously completed the Ocean Startup Challenge, the organization’s program for idea- and early-stage startups.

In this new initiative, companies can receive "various funding amounts in increments of up to $5,000 each", said the organization, adding it is targeting startups looking to minimize administrative burdens. Applications were assessed based on the quality of startups' founding teams, as well as the potential impact of additional investment.

“This program is designed as a follow-on fund and expedited challenge program aimed at providing a significant push—or bridge—to support our alumni in reaching near-term goals,” said the Ocean Startup Project in a statement.

“It’s an invitation to dream bigger and reach further, faster. Eligible activities and expenses include: equipment, materials, subcontracting, and travel.”

Here’s a look at the companies receiving funding:

PhyCo Technologies

Ranah Chavoshi and Stacey Goldberg

Vancouver and Charlottetown

PhyCo is developing a biodegradeable plastic alternative made from seaweed under a partnership with First Nations groups.

Miha Biotech

Milad Hadaeghnia And Minh Hai Tran


Miha Biotech is developing a bandage that uses seaweed extracts to prevent burn scars.

Ocean AID

Andrew Polanyi

Victoria, B.C.

Ocean AID is developing technology that uses sonar and AI to identify and track ghost fishing gear for retrieval.

Integrative Nanotech

Hunter King


Integrative Nanotech is developing a portfolio of sensor technologies based on novel nanomaterials.

Rising Tide BioAcoustics

Geoff Lebans


Rising Tide is building acoustic systems for fish deterrence, guidance and attraction, marine mammal deterrence, and control or eradication of invasive species.

Technologies de pêche Aquarius


Aquarius is developing a technology to avoid trawler seabed scraping and reduce fuel consumption in the fishery industry.


Abhijit Chaterjee, David Gale and Scott White

St. John’s

QualiTEAS is a corrosion inspection service company developing an AI-integrated image analysis software for near-real-time detection of corrosion and cracks on subsea assets.

Blue Lion Labs

Jason Deglint and Katie Thomas

Waterloo, Ont.

Blue Lion provides fish farmers with early warnings about sea lice by using an underwater camera system powered by artificial intelligence.


Salar Salahi

St. John’s

Nditive3D is developing a digital twin system for monitoring gas leaks in maritime settings.

ASL Energy

Ashley Green, Noah Zanbilowicz and Thomas Green

St. John’s

ASL Energy is a service company that works with the energy sector and is developing a modular runway system for remote and northern communities.

Bio Lab Mate

Sarika Kumari and Sanjay Dubey

St. John’s

Bio Lab Mate is developing recyclable and biodegradable plastic products for use in university laboratories and private research centres as replacements for conventional plastic lab equipment.


St. John’s

IceCube is developing a data acquisition system for autonomous shipping in the Arctic.