The Ocean Startup Challenge, which offers idea- and early-stage bluetech startups up to $40,000 each, as well as specialized training, mentorship, networking and events, has revealed the 60-company shortlist for its third iteration.

Organized by the Ocean Startup Project -- which has offices across Canada but operates out of Newfoundland and Labrador's Genesis startup hub in the Atlantic region -- the Ocean Startup Challenge is a program that provides funding and mentorship to early-stage oceantech startups. Each year, it awards development capital to dozens of emerging companies with the goal of building out the pipeline of Canadian bluetech companies. This year, it will award a total of $750,000.

"It is invigorating and exciting to review such cutting-edge ideas from new, early stage ocean technology startups," said Executive Director Don Grant in a statement. "The potential for these ventures to make a significant impact on the health of the oceans is enormous.

"With the proliferation of new ocean ideas being generated across Canada annually, we are realizing on our goal to be leaders in the Blue Economy internationally.”

The Ocean Startup Challenge began in 2020 and helps turn entrepreneurial ideas or technology into viable businesses. Organizers said that since 2020, more than $1.4 million in funding has been provided to 43 teams through the first two cohorts of the Startup Challenge.

Here’s a look at the shortlisted companies:

7 Leagues Leather


Wholesale fish leather textiles for B2B and vertically integrated custom-made fish leather goods, all upcycled from food processing waste

AbbaTek Group

St. John’s

AI web platform to streamline, standardise and de-skill microplastics analysis and reporting

Akwekon Enterprises


A fast, stable and a long range smart electric fishing vessel

Alberni Yachts

Port Alberni, BC

Zero-emissions, aluminium exploration sailing yachts



A novel biologic solution for enhancing fish immunity



AI integrated predictive technology as an alternative for in-situ sampling for harmful algal blooms

Azolla Technologies


Oil derived from Azolla fern — an alternative to palm oil

Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds

Surrey, BC

A remote real-time environmental and structural farm monitoring system

Clean Catch


A biodegradable electric autonomous target vessel for navies

Clean Green Oil


Technology for minimizing oil spill damage

Coastal Carbon


An IoT-enabled remote sensing data platform for quantifying offsets from blue carbon projects

Composite Mats Canada

St. John's

A modular runway system for remote and northern communities made from recyclable materials


Cambridge, ON

Corrosion-resistant graphene coating for marine infrastructure

Cuttlefish Robotics

Listowel, ON

An efficient and silent underwater ROV

Dasivedo Design

Surrey, BC

Wind assist technology for ships via retrofitting sails


Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu, QC 

Software designed for fisher security

Envisioning Labs

Vancouver, BC 

Underwater laser technology for depth sounding, as a means of protecting whale and dolphin populations

eVinci Technologies


An automatic integrated technology for shiploader spout



Electric mobile powered solutions for marine infrastructure maintenance

GeoHazard Integrity AI

Antigonish, NS

AI integrated geohazard analysis platform to lower developments costs for marine energy projects

Glorope Canada

Dalhousie, NB

30-inch glowing ring for improving human safety

Greenline Marine

Victoria, BC

A data-driven, sustainable passenger-only ferry system for British Columbia

GreenSage Prebiotics


Prebiotics from coconut residue for aquaculture and humans — a potential alternative to antibiotics

HoldFastNL Seaweed Farm

St. Mary’s, NL

A seaweed aquaculture pilot project for research and development

Hoola One Technologies

Québec, QC

Two technologies developed to eliminate plastic pollution in beaches and in grey water rejects from ships

Hydro Powerplus International


Adjustable weir solution for optimising hydroelectric power generation in hydro dams

Hypérion ML

Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, QC

Autonomous bioreactor using microalgae for urban carbon sink purposes

IntegraSEE Research

Dartmouth, NS

Biomonitoring using mussel behaviour to detect hazardous waterborne issues that can harm marine life

Integrated Nanotech


A novel EI spectroscopy based sensor with efficient ocean sensing capabilities

Intel Vision Technologies


An intelligent ROV for underwater welding operations

OPAS Mobile (Mavin Industrial Limited)

St. John’s

An intelligent operations management platform that improves safety, compliance and efficiency in the offshore industry

MF2S Industries

Grande Rivière, QC

Double threshold weakling to reduce whales entanglement


St. John’s

Real time hazardous gas monitoring technology for marine operations

Nereus Therapeutics


A novel formulation of oxytetracycline (an antibiotic) for dose reduction and environmental sustainability

Ocean Harvest

New Brunswick

A data drive technology for identifying optimal fishing grounds

Ocean Sights Technologies


AI integrated technology for efficient harvestation of snow crabs and lobsters

Marine Way

Milton, ON

A digit platform for the supply chain management of marine debris

OnDeck Fisheries AI


OnDeck makes fisheries monitoring scalable with artificial intelligence: drastically reducing compliance costs for fishers while enabling better insight for fisheries management and conservation

Overflow Ocean


An algae based food supplement for livestock


Vancouver and Charlottetown

A natural bio-based plastic derived from seaweed

PLAEX Building Systems

Hampstead, NB

Innovative and sustainable building materials using plastic from oceans


Victoria, BC

An intelligent, data-driven maritime climate risk assessment platform

Polyamyna Nanotech

St. John’s

Advanced microbicidal technologies for aquaculture biosecurity

Power HV

St John’s and Reston, MB

A novel monitoring technology for detecting power quality and integrity of subsea cables

Precision Pathways

St. John’s

Machine learning-driven intelligent decision support tool for ship operations in ice

Recircle Waste Management Solutions

Antigonish, NS

Recycling ocean plastic, ghost gear and residential plastic waste where it’s consumed, without a truck, transfer station or landfill

Remote Energy Systems

Halifax and Liverpool, NS

High-quality foldable solar panel for sailboats

SAFE HARBOUR Research & Technologies


Technology for monitoring the safety of boats

Salt Legacy

Victoria, BC

A waste collection and utilization process

Salus Automated Technologies


Drone monitoring system for tracking ocean infrastructure

Scient Analytics

New Glasgow, NS

An imaging platform for non-destructive analysis of ocean infrastructure

Seathru Technologies

Holyrood, NL

A digital twin remote monitoring system for marine vessels

Setu Technologies

Victoria, BC

Fiber reinforcement from ocean plastic waste for building infrastructure

Sma'knis Maritime Safety and Security


Self-powered autonomous electric boat

Swordfish Energy


Underwater turbine to harness clean energy from oceans

The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL)

Oslo, Norway

The first global interactive map & community platform for connecting innovators and resources in ocean industries

Ultimate Lobster Bait

Souris, PE

A biochemical attractant for use as bait for American Lobster

Viridis Research


A novel technology to eliminate microplastics in water

Wade Consumer Goods


Compostable materials made from seaweed

Wakkii LifeSciences


Natural wound care product developed from sea food waste