Canada has sent a deep roster of oceantech industry members and ecosystem support players to this year's Oceanology International Americas conference in San Diego, which is underway this week.

Twenty Canadian exhibitors — many of them startups, and all but one from either British Columbia or Atlantic Canada — are attending, along with a roster of ecosystem delegates from organizations like Dalhousie University’s CDL Oceans accelerator and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Ocean Supercluster CEO Kendra MacDonald was also part of a panel discussion Tuesday about “unlocking the potential” of the ocean economy.

Most of the companies are focused in some way on data gathering or analysis, often with high-tech sensors as part of their product offerings.

Here’s a look at the companies to be found at “The Canadian Pavilion,” stands C50 and D50:

Albion Marine

Delta, BC

Sergiy Yakovenko, director

Albion is a maritime engineering and project management service company that works with the shipping and natural resource industries.

Cellula Robotics

Burnaby, BC

Jacqueline Nichols, business development

Cellula Robotics is an engineering company that makes turnkey subsea robotic systems.


St. John’s, NL

Steve Barrett, CEO

eDNAtec sells technology for measuring “environmental DNA” that can indicate the presence of specific organisms in soil, sediment or water.


St. John’s, NL

Gary Dinn, CTO

eSonar sells a range of underwater acoustic sensors, with a particular emphasis on battery-operated, energy-efficient products.

GeoSpectrum Technologies 

Halifax, NS

Jason Day, Sales Manager

GeoSpectrum sells a range of underwater acoustic hardware, including low-frequency noise-generating devices.

Glas Ocean Electric

Halifax, NS

Sue Molloy, CEO and Dom Molloy, CRO

Glas Ocean Electric sells electrification kits for boats, particularly fishing vessels.

JASCO Applied Sciences

Halifax, NS

Scott Carr, CEO

JASCO is a service company that specializes in assessing the impacts of underwater sound on marine life, particularly for environmental reviews for industries such as oil and gas and fishing.

MacArtney Underwater Technology

Halifax, NS

Don Bryan, General Manager

MacArtney is a service and technology company specializing in digital connectivity and data acquisition systems for oil and gas companies.


Halifax, NS

Ulaş Güntürkün, CEO

Marecomms, whose main product is Aquaband, sells wireless communications and remote sensing technology for subsea operations, including an innovative underwater Wi-Fi system.

The Marine Institute at Memorial University

St. John’s, NL

Kelley Santos and Joe Singleto

The Marine Institute is an academic research institute that works with the private sector to develop and test innovative blue technologies.

Marine Thinking

Halifax, NS

Yuan Yao, product director

Marine Thinking has developed Marine Tensor, which is essentially a self-driving system for marine vehicles that uses a range of sensor types, including LiDAR, radar and sonar.

MetOcean Telematics

Halifax, NS

Kyle MacInnis, business development manager

MetOcean sells satellite-based telematics services, which are platforms for transmitting data. The company also offers a range of data acquisition and telemetry systems.

MTE Instruments

Rimouski, QC

Kevin Wilson, director of sales

MTE makes instrumentation for oceanographic readings, including passive acoustic monitoring systems and submarine observatories.

Open Ocean Robotics 

Victoria, BC

Elisabeth Paul, director of business development

Open Ocean is a service company that uses solar-powered autonomous vessels for environmental and marine mammal monitoring.

Ping DSP 

North Saanich, BC 

Paul Kraeutner, president and Torsten Schulz, digital marketing manager

Ping sells sonar technology for mapping, imaging and exploring the underwater environment.


Bridgewater, NS

Mark Barry, VP of business development

Pro-Oceanus sells dissolved carbon dioxide, methane and “total dissolved gas pressure” sensors for use in oceans research.


St. John’s, NL

Stephen Hale, vice president and Matt Rumboldt, sales representative

Rutter sells a variety of radar technologies, including for oil spill monitoring and sea ice detection, among other applications.

SEAMOR Marine 

Nanaimo, BC

Robin Li, president and Jeff Smith, director of sales and marketing

SEAMOR sells modular, autonomous marine vehicles for performing maritime inspections.

SubC Imaging

Clarenville, NL

Ian McMillan, sales and partnership director and Marcus Morrissey, customer success

SubC designs and builds deep-sea cameras, LEDs, lasers, and software for a wide range of marine applications, including research and aquaculture.

Xeos Technologies 

Halifax, NS

Geoff MacIntyre, vice president and Dan Ryan, sales manager

Xeos has developed a range of energy efficient telemetry gear, including wave height sensors and various types of beacons, among other products.