The Halifax Innovation District has begun a series of articles that show how Halifax entrepreneurs are using the city’s startup ecosystem to develop their businesses.

The first two articles, which detail how companies receive support from Volta and COVE, have appeared on the Innovation District website. The District, which is overseen by the Halifax Partnership, commissioned Entrevestor writers to produce the content.

The first article shows how Volta has helped such tech founders as Begin AI Chief Executive Rima Al Shikh and KorrAI CEO Rahul Anand.

Founded by CEO Rima Al Shikh not long after she immigrated to Canada, Begin AI aims to reduce the costs of personalizing software so that more digital products understand users’ habits and adapt to their personal tastes. She got in touch with Volta when planning her company and says she was impressed with the energy and vibe of the facility.

KorrAI has developed a platform that allows mining companies to analyze a range of high-quality satellite and aerial earth observation data to understand the terrain of possible mining sites. The company, which was recently accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator, is led by  Co-Founder and CEO Rahul Anand.

Meanwhile, the Innovation District has also posted a second article chronicling the support that companies like Marecomms and Glas Ocean Electric have received from Dartmouth’s Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship, or COVE.

Marecomms Founder and CEO Ulaş Güntürkün has developed a solution that improves the transmission of data underwater, even in shallow passages. He said it is impossible to overstate how much his company has benefited from the access COVE has given him to Halifax Harbour as a testing site.

Sue Molloy, the Founder and CEO of Glas Ocean Electric, is electrifying boats and using their batteries as “dynamic energy storage” for power grids. Glas Ocean’s seven-person staff is now electrifying its second boat and has proposals for 10 more.