Dartmouth’s Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship is looking for bluetech startups to fill out a survey for its 2022 Ocean Enterprise stud. The deadline is 5:00 p.m. AST on July 7.

The report, which is published every two years, aims to quantify the growth of oceans companies that sell technology or platforms focused on conducting observations, taking measurements or analyzing data. Startups’ survey responses will be confidential and anonymized.

Last year’s report found that Atalntic Canada’s cluster of service and data-related oceans companies is comparable in size to the largest American clusters, such as Massachusetts. COVE co-authored that publication along with Washington, DC’s Marine Technology Society and the global Society for Underwater Technology.

“Ocean enterprise specifically, it’s the platform, technology and services that allow monitoring of the ocean to happen,” said COVE Chief Executive Melanie Nadeau at the time. “So think about a sensor that's collecting... salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen within the ocean. Acoustic would be another example.”

Founders can learn more and fill out the survey here.