A consortium of bluetech support organizations that includes Dartmouth’s COVE ocean technology hub has signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on research planning, technology commercialization and supply chain management.

Announced at the Digital Ocean Convention in Rostock, Germany, the deal includes three other organizations: Norway’s GCE Ocean Technology, Germany’s Subsea Monitoring Network and the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre.

The partners said in a press release they will collaborate to “increase connections among members, identify supply chain partners, and facilitate commercial opportunities.”

GCE is an industry cluster with both public and private partners, similar to Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. The Subsea Monitoring Network is an industry association focused on underwater technology that includes companies and universities. And the Ocean Innovation Catapult Centre provides design, prototyping and testing services for the marine industry.

“This collaboration will create new opportunities for ocean technology companies and accelerate the growth of the global ocean economy,” said COVE Chief Executive Melanie Nadeau in the press release.