The Singapore-based Liveability Challenge is seeking entrants -- including bluetech companies -- for its competition for technlogy that can battle climate change and/or improve food production. 

Founded five years ago to address major challenges, the Liveability Challenge is this year doubling its prize money for a grand prize of up to $1 million for the winners of each of two tracks: climate change, including oceans innovation, and food and nutrition, including aquaculture.

With regard to climate change, organizers seek solutions that address ocean challenges, including models that restore and regenerate coastal and marine ecosystems in Southeast Asia, as well as innovations that can decarbonise energy generation and industries, and capture and utilize carbon to create scalable products for global markets.

In food and nutrition, organizers seek disruptive innovations that can establish a circular urban agriculture or aquaculture system, or alternative protein system.

As well as the main prizes, other funding prizes include investments of $100,000 each from strategic partners including impact investment firm PlanetRise, impact-focused family office Rumah Group, and venture capital funds Quest Ventures, TRIREC and PeakBridge.

The Liveability Challenge is presented by the Singapore-based Temasek Foundation and organised by Eco-Business.

Temasek Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Temasek, championing liveability and sustainability, and supporting innovation that can deliver a significant impact to improving the way we live, work and play. The Foundation funds translational research to help researchers produce operational prototypes which can then be developed further into commercial products.

Eco-Business is the leading digital media company serving Asia Pacific’s clean technology, smart cities, responsible business and sustainable development community. Its platforms and services include the award-winning site, custom publications, market research and whitepapers, multimedia production, consultancy, training and high-impact bespoke events catered to deepen discussions on sustainability.

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