Techsploration, a Halifax-based organization that encourages female high school students to pursue careers in science, trades and technology, has named Arylene Reycraft as its new Executive Director.

After spending 13 years as the Program and Fund Development Manager, Reycraft is familiar with the non-profit organization. She succeeds Techsploration’s founder, Tricia Robertson, who is leaving after 19 years to focus on her other career as an artist.  

“From recruiting thousands of our role models and bringing in significant sponsorship dollars, to developing and delivering innovative programming, it is difficult to express just how instrumental Arylene has been to the success of Techsploration,” said Tina Kelly, President of Techsploration’s Board of Directors. “Her dedication and commitment to Techsploration is infectious and will continue to propel this vital organization forward as she leads us into our twentieth anniversary next year.”

Prior to joining Techsploration, Reycraft taught customized management training at the Nova Scotia Community College. She had initially joined Techsploration as a three-month secondment from NSCC, but her passion for the organization and her ability to transfer her enthusiasm to others made her a permanent fixture and an essential component to the organization.

In 2016, Reycraft was one of six people chosen to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program’s Women in STEM Conference, which took place in Washington, Orlando, and Cincinnati.

“I’m absolutely honoured to take the helm at Techsploration and continue to build upon the legacy Tricia has created with Techsploration,” said Reycraft. “I always aim to create an environment where others can achieve results, which is why I am so proud to be part of an organization focused on breaking the status quo. I think it’s a rare occurrence to see tangible evidence that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, but Techsploration offers that opportunity to our role models and alumnae on a regular basis.” 

Techsploration reaches about 3,000 students at 40 schools in Nova Scotia each year. 

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