Enable Leaders, a new website designed to teach users how to be better leaders, has been launched by Moncton-based Jonathan Dunnett.

Dunnett, a program manager specializing in marketing insights at Venn Innovation, is curating content that is freely available online in three main areas: decision-making; leadership and psychology.

Studies show that one-third of people are currently struggling with depression, he said in an interview. It is important people have the tools and resources to cope during challenging times. For example, an article on the site shows how to boost one’s resiliency and deal with a negative inner voice.

“For me, a leader is anyone who is willing to step up and do the right things,” Dunnett added in a statement. “It's not just a C-suite or a label: it's about what you're willing to do and how you are willing to lead yourself and others.”

Dunnett says he has been curating information for years, most recently in his role at Venn Innovation.

“I read so much every day,” he said. “There are amazing people out there putting out top quality content that needs to be shared more broadly.”

“The value proposition is that people are more stretched than ever. So, the idea is to equip people with the best available information to help them become better leaders.”

So far, Dunnett has bootstrapped the idea and worked alone on his own time with the support of friends. He is still validating the concept, but intends to maintain a public-facing site that will remain free to users. He also has a product in development which will be more highly curated and will offer users help in making leadership decisions and choices that impact company growth.

Dunnett is not currently seeking funding, although he may require funding for future iterations.