At Entrevestor, we’re now compiling our most recent databank of Atlantic Canadian startups, and we want to make sure we have every company that launched in the past year.

So we’re asking new innovation-based companies that have been flying below the radar to please let us know you’re out there.  We won’t publicize what you’re doing if you don’t want us to. We just want to make sure we account for all the startups that are active in the region.

Why should you do this? The Entrevestor Databank has become the benchmark for metrics on the Atlantic Canadian startup community, and policy-makers in the public and private sectors use our research to assess the health of the region’s startup community. Last year, Atlantic Canada placed No. 4 in the world in the “Activator” category of Startup Genome’s global ranking of startup ecosystems, and we want to know how things have changed in the past 12 months.

We help governments and organizations – the people who support your company – to understand what’s happening in the startup community. To do this, we need to know what new companies have cropped up.

We’re looking for companies that meet three criteria:

  • Majority-owned by Atlantic Canadians;
  • Commercializing technology;
  • And developing a product for the global market.

You might say we’re interested in “investible” companies, so we don’t count tech service companies, consultancies, or web-development firms. They’re great businesses, but they’re not what our research tracks.

Your company doesn’t have to be incorporated to be included in the databank – we just want to count teams that were active in developing a business in 2019.

We’ve accounted for the new companies whose names were published in competitions like Volta Cohort, Spark, Breakthru or Sprint. If your name has appeared in Entrevestor, we’ve got you.

We’re looking for the companies that haven’t been in the news yet. If that’s you, please send an email to, with your company name, location, CEO, sector, and URL (if you have a website).

All information in the databank is confidential.

Next week, we will begin surveying startups across the region to help us develop a full range of data for 2019. We’re looking forward to see what it reveals about the development of startups in Atlantic Canada.