Blitzen, a venture-backed startup based in Kitchener, has launched its lead management solution for small and medium enterprises.

CEO Jesse Guild unveiled the product today at the Dublin Web Summit, promising it is a tool that will let SMEs generate and manage sales leads the way large enterprises do.

There has been a lot of buzz around Blitzen in the past year or so. Business Insider recently labeled Blitzen the third-fastest growing stealth startup in the world, and it has graduated from the AngelPad accelerator in the U.S. and Communitech’s Rev accelerator. Earlier this year, it raised $500,000 in seed financing in a round that included venture capital funds iNovia, Garage Capital, and Hedgewood.

What’s really interesting about Blitzen is that even before its launch the product was drawing interest from high-growth companies like Uber, Shopify, and Kik. Guild said at the Rev graduation in September that Blitzen has lined up about 1,000 potential clients that are interested in viewing the product once it’s launched.

"We ate our own dog food and used Blitzen to survey our early beta customers,” said Guild in a statement. “We found that lead data quality and capturing actionable customer insights are still surprisingly big challenges for SMBs. “It presented us with an opportunity to fill a gap.”

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Blitzen’s statement said that 98 percent of SMEs are looking for their first marketing software, with lead management cited as their No. 1 priority, according to the research firm Software Advice, a division of Gartner.

Blitzen says it goes beyond traditional marketing platforms to help these small companies identify promoters and improve retention rates with existing customers. “We believe surveys are an essential part of the customer journey,” said Guild.  “Tools such as Net Promoter Score surveys can be powerful drivers of growth.”

What Blitzen does is build forms that enrich a company’s leads with social and company data, and uses

progressive profiling to improve conversion rates. The software tracks the sales team’s contacts with potential clients, and it scores each lead so the team can prioritize its follow-ups. And it works with tools that SMEs are already using, which they are apps like Google Sheets, Slack and Trello, or customer relationship management tools like Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive.

“The tools available to SMBs today are either too thin or too resource intensive,” Joe Gelata, Author of The Revenue Engineer Blog and Head of Demand Generation at Vidyard, said in the Blitzen statement. “Finally a company has stepped forward with a solution that enables SMBs to generate leads with the sophistication of the enterprise.”