VidCruiter, a Moncton-based video recruitment company, will soon expand its product offering with its new VidTrainer function and social sharing features.

CEO Sean Fahey told me in an interview this week that the two-year-old company will officially launch VidTrainer in two months, which will allow companies to train the employees they hire using VidCruiter. ``We’re also building it because it will train our clients to use our product,’’ he quipped.

VidCruiter offers clients a customized video format that allows job applicants to video-record their submissions, so HR teams can speed up the hiring process and weed out unqualified applicants before they come in for interviews. The goal is to speed up and reduce costs in the hiring process. By adding VidTrainer to its suite of products, the company hopes to deepen its relationship with clients.

The range of products will also soon include social sharing function, to help HR professionals network and discuss common problems and strategies.

Fahey has reworked the model of VidCruiter several times, changing it from a structuring relying on a sales force to find clients to one that relies on ``inbound marketing’’. The company is also developing what Fahey calls a team of affiliates, which are independent recruitment  professionals who would receive a commission for introducing the product to corporate and institutional HR teams.

The term ``serial entrepreneur’’ may be overused but it certainly applies to Fahey. At 31, he has started 12 enterprises, exited a few and has with VidCruiter a company that has created a buzz even in the frothy tech community of New Brunswick.

He is also an entrepreneur who refuses to adopt a herd mentality, especially in matters such as fundraising. He’s sold some equity, but generally VidCruiter is financed by giving employees a slice of the company in lieu of pay. He said it holds down costs and attracts staff who are dedicated to the company’s success.