Saeed El-Darahali: 'We built all these hooks to make it more dynamic.'

Saeed El-Darahali: 'We built all these hooks to make it more dynamic.'

Clients of SimplyCast would have noticed a big change in their SimplyCast360 application yesterday.

The Dartmouth-based company, which aims to simplify and automate communication flows for businesses ranging from startups to enterprises, revealed the worldwide update of its 360 Marketing Automation Manager with the new Automation Flow Editor.

The 360 communication application lets users map out day-to-day interactions by channeling communication channels (emails, texts, voicemails) into one interface. The 360 system also allows users to automate responses to business correspondents.

The upgrade gives the program new features, an updated interface and quicker loading times. Some of the new features will allow users to track and check histories of different interactions. 

Founder and CEO Saeed El-Darahali, who aims to list SimplyCast on a stock exchange late next year, said one of the biggest things with the update is it’s simpler to use.

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“When we started the technology about four years ago, it wasn’t as sophisticated as it should be so we built all these hooks to make it more dynamic,” said El-Darahali in an interview.

“Non-profits are using it, governments and banks are using it, so everyone is using the system now, where in the past it required people with a little more programming experience to use it.”

SimplyCast, which started in 2010, has customers in over 175 countries and has a little under a million users in its database. In September, the company released its 9.0 version of its multi-channel platform. That update allowed businesses to increase engagements and strengthen relationships with clients.

The new update for 360, which launched in 2013, took over two years and over $1.5 million to complete. El-Darahali said customer feedback has been great and clients are pleased with the user-friendly features.

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