We’ve been inundated in the past few days with press releases about what Atlantic Canadian startups are doing to provide products and services to help with the Covid-19 crisis.

Consider Prince Edward Island. We’ve heard from individual companies, Startup Zone and the PEI BioAlliance about what’s being done on the Island to meet needs, solve pain or just plain help out. There’s a lot of uncertainty but companies are pushing forward.

“There are about 2,000 employees in our community and 1,800 of them are still being paid, which is pretty good in this situation,” said BioAlliance Executive Director Rory Francis in a chat Thursday.

We’ve trimmed down the list to show how companies are using their innovation to help out. There are a lot of others that are doing online sales and the like, but here are companies whose products are being used in the crisis:

PEI BioAlliance

FieldetectAdapting its veterinary virus detection system so it can be used to test for Covid-19.

AffinityImmuno – Working on antibody production for COVID 19 screening, in a consortium with Sona Nanodetect, GE Health, and others.

BioSpa – producing hand sanitizer.

Tronosjet— Working on providing 3-D printed manifolds to patients on ventilators.

BioVectra -- Working on projects involving anti-viral and biological scale-up and manufacturing, as well as production of surface and hand sanitizers.

Avivagen – Working on potential application of its Oxy-Beta immune stimulant product to COVID 19 protection.

Terraverdae – Working on potential application of chitin-chitosan to antimicrobial applications including COVID 19.

Startup Zone

JobSite 360 – Recently launched an app for its cloud-based accounting software on iOS and Android so contractors can track all of their expenses from the comfort of their own homes.

Stemble Learning Technologies – Has been asked by the UPEI Department of Chemistry to use its technology to administer all of the exams for their students remotely. It’s also offering free access to Stemble for students for the rest of the semester.

ClickaService – Working to expand its services for contractors into Ontario within the next month.


Agyle Intelligence – Offering its paperless automation forms free to any organization that is capturing data related to Covid-19.