On Thursday, 55 entrepreneurs from Atlantic Canada arrived at Montreal StartupFest on a luxury charter bus, what the Taskforce Fredericton Startup Network is calling the East Coast Caravan.

The Taskforce Fredericton Startup Network worked with regional partners such as Planet Hatch, Ignite Fredericton and Enterprise Saint John to send the 55 entrepreneurs from across the region to StartupFest.

Montreal StartupFest is a global gathering of the world’s leading mentors, entrepreneurs, founders and venture capitalists. The three-day festival features world-renowned keynotes and investment opportunities for attendees. Last year’s festival reportedly had $500,000 worth of investments and prizes.

One of the entrepreneurs on the Caravan is Amanda Betts, CEO of Fredericton-based startup eChart. She said she was looking forward to networking and learning about other cool emerging companies. As eChart is getting ready to scale-up, Betts will also be looking to learn some tips from others.

“We’re looking for ways to educate ourselves on that and just learning from other people’s experiences and learning about what we should be aware of, what other people might have experienced that wasn’t good so we can learn from that. Just so we do it right,” says Betts. . . .

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[Editor’s note: The three-day StartupFest began Thursday and ends Saturday. Huddle ran this article earlier in the week, and we have changed the tenses so it makes sense.]

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