I Want to Learn About Angel Investing

As of 2019, angel investing is in a state of flux in Atlantic Canada. The First Angel Network, the long-standing angel group in the region, closed its doors in 2019 and there are various efforts to form new groups.

In angel investing, wealthy individuals make equity investments in young companies with the hopes of a big exit down the road. These should be “accredited investors” – typically considered someone with more than $1 million in financial assets and/or an annual income of more than $200,000.

The risks of angel investment are considerable, so it’s advisable to learn best practices. The National Angel Capital Organization offers a range of programs to educate new angels on the benefits and pitfalls of these investments

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The National Angel Capital Organization

Toronto-based NACO is the industry association for angel investor groups in Canada. In recent years, it has been active in Atlantic Canada, offering support to new angel organizations and providing educational programs. It has hosted several Atlantic Angel Summits to help bring together people interested in channeling more investment capital into growing companies.

Creative Destruction Lab – Atlantic

Jeff Larsen

CDL-Atlantic has established itself as the main angel funding group in Atlantic Canada, with its members investing about $7 million into 23 companies in two years. The CDL is primarily a mentorship group that assembles wealthy business people to mentor and invest in young innovation companies. It emphasizes deep technology in its portfolio companies and works closely with academic institutions.

East Valley Ventures

Gerry Pond

Founded in 2012, East Valley Ventures provides investment, mentorship and acceleration support to early-stage ICT companies in Atlantic Canada. The organization says its most important contribution is human capital.  Its six employees have in total more than 100 years of experience and a world-wide network to help navigate the complex startup world.

Island Capital Partners

Stefanie Corbett

Island Capital Partners launched in 2017 with the goal of making pre-seed investments in companies based on PEI. It has also become a pillar of the Island’s tech community, providing leadership and mentorship.

Atlantic Women’s Venture Fund

One of the coming boosts to the ecosystem is the Atlantic Women’s Venture Fund, which organizers hope will be a $20 million fund to invest in ventures led by women. The group spans all four provinces and hopes to launch in 2020.